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MTTP Site Coordinator

Supervisor: Financial Empowerment Program Coordinator

Program Description: e4c Make Tax Time Pay (MTTP) offer individuals and families with low incomes free tax preparation, information and applications on government benefits and subsidies, as well as financial resource information.

The Site Coordinator is responsible for the coordination, organization, and supervision of their e4c Make Tax Time Pay site. From the establishment of the physical site, and securing space, recruiting, and organization volunteers, to overseeing site operations in March and/or April.

Time, Schedule, and Commitment:

  • 2 to 4 hours a week during December to February (preparing for tax season)
  • 8-15 hours a week during March and April (coordinating volunteers, tax site, etc)
  • Each seasonal tax site operates on a different schedule, hours are dependent on the number of days the tax site is open, number of volunteers, available, etc.
  • Attend Site Coordinator Orientation in late October early November
  • Attend Site Coordinator meetings in January, February and May
  • Attend Volunteer Orientation and Training in February and/or March
  • Continuous commitment is required December to April


Location: Make Tax Time Pay has various locations in the Edmonton area.


Site Operations

  • Coordinate, organize, and supervise all aspects of the e4c Make Tax Time Pay, tax site
  • Books location, and confirm times to offer tax preparation
  • Marketing of tax site (e4c will provide marketing materials)
  • Oversee day to day site operations
  • Manage volunteer roles


  • Together with the Financial Empowerment Program Coordinator and Volunteer Coordinator advertise, recruit and screen potential volunteers (Volunteer roles include: Greeter, Benefits, Tax Preparer, Appointment Booker)
  • Ensure volunteers abide by the e4c volunteer code of conduct
  • Ensure volunteers are all registered with CVITP (Canadian Volunteer Income Tax Program)
  • Ensure volunteers are registered with E-file
  • Ensure complete records of volunteer contact information
  • Schedule volunteers for the site location
  • Track volunteer hours

Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge Required: 

  • Must be able to work with socially and culturally diverse groups experiencing poverty in a welcoming and non-judgmental manner
  • Experience with the tax filing process
  • Comfortable with handling personal financial information in a professional manner
  • Ability to manage a group of 8-10 volunteers
  • Computer savvy, ability to troubleshoot potential problems

Screening Requirements: 

  • Register as CVITP volunteer (Canadian Volunteer Income Tax Program)
  • Register with the CRA for an EFile Number (this process may take up to 30 days)
  • Fill out a volunteer application (include references)
  • Police Information Check with Vulnerable Sector Search

Orientation/Training to be completed:

Site Coordinators will be provided with a full day training session in late October early November that includes an orientation to e4c and their volunteer role with Make Tax Time Pay. Additional training sessions (3 hours in length) will be offered in February and March. These sessions for all volunteers provide an overview on e4c and our Make Tax Time Pay program, including time dedicated to reviewing the tax filing software and practicing tax returns.

Ongoing support is provided by the e4c Program Coordinator who will be in frequent contact with the Site Coordinator.

Benefits of the Position: 

  • Volunteers gain valuable experience and insight working with socially and culturally diverse communities
  • An opportunity to directly contribute to supporting the financial wellbeing of Edmonton’s most vulnerable citizens
  • Work in a relaxed team environment that promotes relationship building An excellent opportunity to improve financial skills and knowledge about taxes
  • e4c can be used as a reference.

Why this position is valuable and how it contributes to e4c:

  • Directly contributes to the financial well-being of low income individuals and families by supporting them to get tax refunds, tax credits, and government benefits
  • Increases e4c’s public profile and relationships with other organizations

For more information and to apply to be a volunteer contact us at: