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Renee’s Clothing Donations for Crossroads

During the holiday season at E4C, we were fortunate to experience the generousity of many Santas. Many donors and supporters made financial contributions or dropped off in-kind donations to our programs. Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll feature a sampling of the kindness we witnessed.

Renee is a local consultant who has a special place for E4C’s School Lunch Program and Crossroads Outreach. Before the holidays, the women of Crossroads were treated to a gym full of donated clothes and beauty products that Renee had been collecting all year via her web of friends. Hans Cully, the Manager of Crossroads Outreach, says, “Through Renee’s kindness and generosity  the women of Crossroads are clothed the entire year. A whole year! It’s amazing and it gets us through.” In addition, Renee makes an annual donation to E4C’s School Lunch Program. Take at look at Renee’s wonderful website

For more information on donating to E4C, please check out our donate page.