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Food Security

When was the last time you ate?

For people living in poverty, that can sometimes be a hard question to answer. Food is a basic human need and the impact of hunger on people is profound.

In children and youth, hunger makes it difficult to focus in school, limiting students’ ability to learn and creating health issues that will follow them for the rest of their lives. With adults, hunger can make existing health conditions worse and can force them to choose between food and other essential needs such as housing or medication. And for homeless people, hunger makes surviving in already difficult circumstances even harder. Hunger robs both the body and spirit.

Helping people living in poverty improve their food security is one of e4c’s main focus areas, because we understand the impact hunger has on people. We also know that people living in poverty are more likely to have limited access to sufficient and nutritious food. That’s why we’re involved in initiatives like our School Nutrition programs, where together with the community we are able to support over 6,000 children each day by providing healthy breakfasts, mid-morning or afternoon snacks and lunch. Our summer snack program is equally important, as it offers kids who might not have access to regular meals once the school year is out, essential food during the summer months.

e4c also increases food security by providing essential supports, such as three meals a day in our emergency shelter and building knowledge and skills around food access and nutrition.

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