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Vision, Mission, and Values

Our vision is ultimately the elimination of poverty. It will be a remarkable achievement, and one which can only be accomplished collaboratively. e4c is committed to working toward this vision together with interest groups, faith communities, service organizations, funders, businesses, government and the community at large.


Our mission is to change lives and grow communities: 

• To be a supportive and empowering presence in times of individual, family and community need;
• To create opportunities for people to become self-supporting, and to lead in the growth of inclusive and caring communities;
• To be dedicated to program and service excellence, and to place high priority on collaborative partnerships, inclusive transparent operations, promoting public awareness and building broad community support; and
• To be responsive to emergent needs, and to continuously seek new and creative opportunities to improve and develop services in our areas of expertise.


Our core values will continue to guide our culture, behaviour and action. They are Courage, Compassion, Connection and Commitment.