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Community and Collaborations

Do you have a place where you feel you belong? Are you active in your community?

For many people living in poverty, the daily struggle to survive can make it hard put down roots and become part of the community. Humans have an innate need to belong and to feel that they are connected to the people around them.

We know that when people feel engaged and accepted they are more invested in their communities and are willing to work hard to protect and enrich it.

Developing and enriching communities is an important part of helping people living in poverty move toward healthy, positive change. e4c has created a number of programs focused on community and collaboration, intended to build broad communities of people who share interests or experiences, and help those communities become stronger and more resourceful.

ArtStart, an after school arts program that offers free visual, drama, dance, and music classes, helps bring students together to instill confidence, mitigate risk factors for low-income families and build friendships. Make Tax Time Pay (MTTP), sees volunteers – including e4c alumni – work with low-income families to do their taxes and increase their disposable income by helping them access various benefits and subsidies.

We believe that when communities are inclusive and involved, they are also empowered to find solutions for their own challenges. We know that people living in poverty have a lot to offer the broader community and simply need opportunities to become involved. As an organization, e4c will also be expanding our contribution to community-wide efforts to end poverty and looking for ways to work more closely with organizations and groups that share our commitment to seeing the strength in everyone.

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