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The Work We Do

We believe that people living in poverty are denied the tools and resources to participate fully in the community and determine their own future. Without a place to sleep, food and safety from violence or discrimination, it can be hard for people to look ahead. Our work is focused on meeting these basic human needs, while helping people find their way out of poverty and creating stronger connections to the community. We view poverty through a human rights lens, where everyone deserves to have those needs met. Everything we do, from our planning and programming to advocacy and partnering, has the goal of advancing human rights for the people and communities we serve.

Our daily work focuses on addressing people’s most urgent needs in the here and now, while looking to provide support in moving towards lasting, positive change. e4c’s focus areas include food security, shelter and housing, community connections, and education and skill development and we draw upon resources in each area to meet the needs of the individual. This integrated approach allows us to wrap people in the right services, at the right time, based on what they need and what they are comfortable with receiving. People have the right to request or refuse assistance to face their individual challenges and we invite them to make that choice without judgment.

In addition to drawing upon our resources, we work closely with government, business, other agencies and non-profit organizations, health care professionals, faith communities and academics to find ways to support the people we serve. Poverty is a complex issue that requires community collaboration and action to address its impact, and prevent and eventually eliminate its hold over our community.