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ArtStart Exhibition on Bullying

ArtStart collaborated with students from J.D Bracco youth night to create a detective story board for “Every Victim Matters”. The purpose was to give these students a chance to engage in a fun interactive art project that compels  them to consider and discuss important themes (bullying, peer pressure, environmentalism) while increasing  their confidence and teambuilding skills.

The group chose to create a project about Bullying and had critical discussion about “othering” people into groups such as “the bully” or “the victim”. The “Who’s the Bully?” project examines that the “bullying verses victim” issue is not black and white but rather everyone has the potential to be in both categories.

The exhibition, on display at local gallery Latitude 53 from April 22-26th, provided youth with the exciting opportunity to artistically express thoughts and feelings on what it means to be a victim of crime, know a victim of crime, or suffer from bullying, racism, homophobia and other types of injustice.

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