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Sponsor Spotlight: Rexall Myros Pharmacy

Rexall Myros is a pharmacy with a long history of inner city involvement. The pharmacy has been recognized and awarded for their efforts in engaging the inner city community and building relationships with residents.

Rexall Myros actively works with four E4C programs: Women’s Emergency Accommodation Centre, Elizabeth House, Meadow’s Place and Our Place. A team of pharmacists visit each program site on a regular basis. Ron Pohar, Clinical Pharmacist, discussed the value of the relationships built with residents he visits in E4C’s Meadow’s Place.

Meadow’s Place is a permanent supportive housing program for 19 adult males with varying types of mental illness. Ron Pohar visits each resident of Meadow’s Place monthly. He learns the residents’ history and understands their lifestyle to ensure that their medications are effective. The residents’ adherence to their medication is assessed and he communicates with staff and other healthcare practitioners on behalf of the residents. Ron explains, “ Any pharmacy can deliver bubble-packaged medications. The real value is clinical care and critically evaluating patients’ optimal usage of their medication.” He works with each resident one on one and has built relationships of trust and reliability.

In addition to ensuring prescriptions are accurate, Ron also implemented a tobacco reduction training program. He tailors a program to the unique challenges of each individual and has seen four of the residents abstain from smoking for many years.

Last year Rexall Myros was also a donor to E4C. The pharmacy provided flu clinics for program staff, donated over 2, 200 condoms and made a financial contribution of $6, 000. E4C greatly appreciates Rexall Myros’ contributions to improving the lives of thousands of people in the inner city of Edmonton.