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The Way We Give

Donor Spotlight: Alta-Fab Structures

Alta-Fab Structures wanted to be intentional with the money that they were donating; they wanted a program where the donations had the biggest impact. Alta-Fab became aware of Crossroads Outreach, an E4C program that offers support and resources to persons involved in prostitution. In 2011, Alta-Fab purchased a van for Crossroads. The Outreach van provides immediate help to people on the street and involves volunteers to show the women that people in the community care and want to help.

Hank Van Weelden,Vice President of Alta-Fab Structures, started going on ride-alongs and quickly became connected to the staff and understood the role of the program in the community. Hank describes, “I honestly fell in love with the program. The staff have such a connection to the clients. As soon as the van approaches, a safe bubble is created. When the van door opens, the women come in, sit down and get to be who they are. The staff elicit this safe environment and the women’s reactions to the staff are so genuine.”

The opportunity to connect in these evenings out in the van allows Hans Cully, Crossroads Outreach Team Leader, the time to share stories about the women and their immediate needs. Hans describes, “He’s always striving to learn more about the program, the demographics, the social systems, about systematic oppression, so he and Alta-Fab can feel confident in their donations.”

Alta-Fab’s donations to Crossroads this year have helped the program meet 15% of its budget. Most recently, the van has been outfitted with shelving and seating benches, but donations also include the smaller and truly thoughtful items, like a stairwell banister for a resident with reduced mobility or an honorarium for a volunteer. These items give an extra spark to the program, and give meaning and respect to the work that is done by the program staff. Hank states, “they always say thank you to me. I say thank you to them. They’re out there everyday doing the work that we as a society need to do.”