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Winter Wonderland to Luscious Garden

In these days of deep freeze and knee-deep snowdrifts, thoughts of Edmonton’s summer holds us through till the breach of spring. Like many Edmonton gardeners, these participants from Alex Taylor Community Garden, no doubt look forward to digging in the dirt come spring.
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“We are a family of four going into our third year of gardening at the Alex Taylor Community Garden. Having a community garden that we can ride our bikes to is a great thing for us, and we feel so very fortunate to be part of this community garden so close to our home.


Here are some of the things this garden means to us:
• A chance to grow more of our food, to enjoy the taste of fresh garden produce, and to feel the good connection that comes from growing food
• A place for children to enjoy gardening: the raised beds make it very easy for children to be part of the growing process because they don’t have to worry about stepping on the wrong place and can reach their work easily
• A place to meet neighbours and other gardeners: the casual talk between people working in their gardens at the same time is something I treasure”