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The Joy of Dinnertime

For a woman, eating right is self-care. Every week at E4C’s Crossroads Outreach, a weekly menu is created for the women who drop in around dinnertime. The location is also warm and welcoming. In the summer, women mingle with the outreach staff at barbeques and in the winter, the women linger around the kitchen where warm meals are made each night. As the Program Manager describes:

Providing variety and healthy options is important to our program, as the majority of these women are limited to eating food bank donations on a daily basis. This means that they’re not getting balanced meals, and some are going days between meals due to substance use and instability.

The meals we share create a sense of community and daily ritual amongst the women who drop in regularly. For example, with the ongoing support of our team, Jessica, has built a web of community supports. She opened her first bank account, eliminated survival sex from her routine, maintained sobriety for over three months and found appropriate long-term housing. She is has taken charge of her health needs and has developed a new sense of self-worth and confidence. Jessica has grown immensely in the past year and we are so proud to have been an integral part of her journey!

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