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The Joy of Cooking

For a teen at E4C’s Kids in the Hall Bistro (KITH), discovering the joy of preparing food can lead to a new path forward. A youth who has been in the program for six months so far describes the experience:

I work at Kids in the Hall and I make the best club sandwiches.

Before KITH, I joined a gang when I was 11. My gang was the only thing that mattered to me. I used to a very angry person; I was selfish and had no regard for people’s feelings. I had no intention of self-preservation

Since I started this program at KITH, I realized that there is more than gangs. KITH gave me a job and they’re very supportive with staying positive and wanting me to succeed. Now I’ve got no need to fall back into my old lifestyle.

I now enjoy the time I spend with my mom and nieces. I’ve learned to love all the simple things in life. Overall, I’m happy. My life is exactly where I didn’t picture it last year. This program helped me become a better person today and hope for a better tomorrow.

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