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The Joy of Lunch

Every school day, the E4C School Lunch Program provides a hot lunch to more than 2,100 school children across the city.  For many children this is the only balanced meal they will have. For many more, it’s the only meal they will be able to sit down and enjoy with friends. In the words of a child in the School Lunch Program:

I really like the beef and macaroni casserole. It comes with bread and butter plus peaches. I am allergic to milk so I get juice. After lunch I can always focus on my work and never have to worry about being hungry. After school when I go out to play with my friends I always have enough energy. My grandma really likes how cheap the School Lunch Program is. At lunch I get to sit with my friends and that’s a big bonus. And! The lunch ladies are really nice and always give huge helpings.

To donate to E4C, please visit our donate page or call 780.424.7543.