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Lucille’s Story

Lucille is a retired teacher. She taught grade two 27 years ago in an Edmonton neighbourhood where lunches were packed and full of options. Upon learning about the role of the E4C School Lunch Program Lucille realized that this is a cause where her donations could have a real impact.

Lucille was introduced to the School Lunch Program at her church, The Catholic Parish of St. Thomas More, when she received a brown paper lunch bag with a sticker requesting a donation. Lucille took it home and donated. She then received an E4C Envoy with an infographic about how a donation of $10,000 to the E4C School Lunch Program would feed a whole class for an entire year. So she cut a cheque and dropped it off to a couple of awestruck E4C employees in January of 2015.

We asked Lucille, why should someone else do what you did? She replied, “At least one good meal is so important to each day. We don’t realize that there is poverty in Edmonton and we don’t know what people come home to.” Feeding children is feeding our futures. The role of education and a nutritious start sets us up to be able to plan and to give.

Donations like Lucille’s are essential to sustaining the E4C School Lunch Program. To learn about legacy giving with E4C, please connect with E4C’s new Director of Marketing and Communications, Matthew Burbidge at 780.424.7543 ext. 144 or



To make a donation to the School Lunch Program, please visit our donate page.