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Chris’ Story

Chris always struggled with staying employed. “I couldn’t understand how things would go well for a while and then something would go wrong and I would get frustrated and quit.” He also found himself clashing with his father, which made living with his family impossible.

It wasn’t until he turned 35, that he got an answer – he had Klinefelter Syndrome, a genetic disorder where men have an extra X chromosome. The syndrome results in a variety of symptoms, including anxiety, depression, and other issues, many of which Chris had been dealing with for most of his life. “It finally all made sense.”

Now 49, Chris lives in McCauley Apartments, one of e4c’s supportive living locations. With the help of medication and counselling, he’s learned to control his anger, has a good relationship with his family and has somewhere he feels at home. “I’ve been here almost 17 years and I never want to live anywhere else. I have friends here and a community. The office here always has coffee and you’re always welcome to drop in, plus the staff helps us with whatever we need.”

Chris has also taken advantage of many of e4c’s programs, including the creative writing program offered at McCauley. “It taught me how to write and how to express myself.” He prefers to write late at night and enjoys writing poetry that deals with nature. “I’m still not a great speller, but the office helps me with that, too.”

After a lifetime of struggling to find somewhere he can set down roots, Chris feels like things are where they should be. “Everything is clicking right now. I’m happy. That’s all I ever wanted.”