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Melody’s Story

Growing up in a big, vibrant family, Melody had a loving – but sometimes difficult – childhood.  As she grew up, she faced continuing health issues that created a number of challenges. When she began looking for help with her finances, her social worker referred Melody to the e4c Financial Management Hub. Through encouragement from e4c she decided to go to the e4c Empower U Financial Empowerment Program.

“I started going to Empower U about a year ago and I truly gained confidence,” she explains. “It’s just a matter of trial and error and believing in yourself. You will mess up sometimes, but then you’ll do it right the next time. And that’s okay.” The program has helped her feel more comfortable with managing her money. “I have learned to budget for weekly expenses and track receipts.”

That increased confidence is helping Melody explore opportunities to make new friends. “I was very disconnected for the past few years, but I’m looking for ways to take more risks.” She is learning to be more adventurous and is even making plans to for a trip down to Calgary with a friend – something that at one time would have seemed overwhelming. And she has her sights set on bigger adventures, too. “When I was in Grade 12, I went to Europe and my long term goal is to go back.”

Melody is also learning to be happy with who she is now. “I thought I was supposed to wait for other people to accept me, but I realized it’s up to me to accept myself. I can only change myself, not the people around me.”