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Since 2005, the Make Tax Time Pay program has supported low-income Edmontonians to increase their income through accessible, free tax filing appointments, and assisting people to apply for available benefits and subsidies. Make Tax Time Pay clinics also provide financial education information and opportunities, including connections to other Financial Empowerment initiatives.

Make Tax Time Pay (MTTP) is a FREE program available in Edmonton and the surrounding areas.

Due to COVID-19, all tax appointments will be done over the phone. No in-person appointments are offered.



Is Make Tax Time Pay Right for You?

In 2020:

  • You were not self employed
  • You did not receive rental income
  • You did not declare bankruptcy
  • You received one of the following documents for tax filing, or did not have an income (no tax slips).

Note: If you have lost or misplaced your tax slips, we can help you find this information online.