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e4c Financial Empowerment announces new partnership

e4c is excited to announce our partnership with SmartSAVER!

SmartSAVER is a non-profit community project. SmartSAVER’s goal is to make it easier for families to access the government money available for education after high school using a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP). SmartSAVER has teamed up with Financial Institutions across Canada that will help applicants get an RESP started with $0: no enrolment fee, no annual fee and no contribution required.

By opening an RESP, eligible families can apply for the Canada Learning Bond (CLB). Through the CLB, the Government of Canada deposits up to $2000 into each child’s RESP to help families save for their child’s education. AND parents are not required to contribute any of their own money.

If parents are able to contribute to their child’s RESP, they can also access the Canada Education Savings Grant (CESG). Through the CESG, the Government of Canada will match 20%-40% of the contributions made depending on the family’s income. This means more money for their child’s education.

Studies have shown that children with $3,000 in savings have 50% greater odds of graduating from high school than children with no savings. Studies also show that youth with education savings, even when savings are small, are 50% more likely to take education after high school.

In Edmonton, only 30% of eligible children (or just over 1 in 4) are receiving the CLB. In Canada, more than 1,000,000 children are not receiving the CLB who are eligible. Recently, the Government of Canada recommitted in the Budget 2017 to help more low-income families access the CLB by exploring new ways to increase awareness of the program and reduce barriers to access the CLB.

e4c is committed to helping people we serve access the benefits of the CLB and CESG through awareness, promotion, and direct support. In turn, SmartSAVER has provided e4c with the resources and tools needed to effectively support people we serve with opening RESPs and accessing the CLB and CESG.

Check out how to open your RESP now by visiting

If you have questions, you can call e4c at (780) 424-7543 and ask for Financial Empowerment.