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E4C’s School Lunch Program

The 2013 school year is the 20th Anniversary of E4C’s School Lunch Program, so we thought we’d dedicate a whole series of posts to exploring the program. We’ll get the […]

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Our Most Popular Week

Last week, the week of February 5th, was our most popular week on Facebook, according to Facebook. We’ve bloomed in likes since the summer, when we had a mere 30 […]

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My Name is Katie

I’m just another one of Edmonton’s every-day exceptionally average teenagers. I’ve turned 18 this past year and just graduated this past June from high school. If you know anything about your […]

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Welcome to our new website!

We’re excited about our new interactive site. Here’s a couple exciting components to note: we’ll be posting a Photo of a Week and contributing often to our blog (Community Journal). […]

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E4C’s Holiday Wishlist

At E4C, we have many Santa’s– we are fortunate to have donors and supporters who make financial contributions or drop off in-kind donations to our programs. Each time a donation […]

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